If you’re interested, I also co-host the Narchissist Podcast with Brian McKay.

Here’s a quick Q&A to get you started…

So you’re a narcissist?
No, that’s Narchissist, not Narcissist. It’s a play on words and not pronounced Narcissist.

How do I say it then?
Its pronounced (NARC-iss-ist).

OK, Why?
Its a combination of .NET / Architecture (Software) / and Narcissism.

So you are a narcissist then?
No, the narcissist part is actually a playful jab at a brilliant Software Architect, Juval Lowy (and if are in the software industry and don’t know who that is … then you’re doing it wrong … regardless of if you like his style / methods).

What’s with all the water talk
You know how you don’t get to pick your own nickname? Well, apparently, you also don’t get to pick the ridiculous way you open your podcast. Brian and I kind of fell into the habit of talking about water after we attended a course (which we reviewed as the first 5 episodes of the podcast) in San Jose and spent a good amount of time on the Microsoft campus there. While on the all-too-short lunch breaks we spent a good amount of time in the cafeteria where there were free drinks which included some flavored water … aaaaaaaaaaand … yeah, that’s basically it.

Will you stop talking about water?
Probably not.

You know its not funny, right?
I’m aware.


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