About (me)


For the past ten years Aaron has been working with Online Business Systems (Online) to ensure his clients succeed through the improvement of their processes and software. Though primarily focused on software architecture, Aaron has been engaged in a variety of roles including:  human resources, software development, as well as process re-engineering. Additionally, Aaron supports Online as a Career Mentor and Technical Services Leader where he is responsible for mentoring Onliners by providing direction that guides both their personal as well as professional development.

Aaron has made numerous improvements and advances in the processes within Online, the most significant being the implementation of a revamped Consulting Competency Assessment (CCA). Aaron’s work leading up the CCA change at Online has impacted every consultant and manager (over 250 people). He was critical in identifying, not only a better process, but also leading the team of individuals from across Canada and the US to design and build an automated system to support the process and technology changes. As a direct result of Aaron’s efforts, Online now has a consistent, repeatable process that allows each individual to assess their consulting level. The new system is not only extremely responsive, providing immediate feedback, but also allows the consultants to take ownership of their career as the CCA identifies areas that the individual is lacking and offers suggestions for growth.

Over the past five years, Aaron has become a dedicated disciple of Merlin Mann’s Inbox Zero (IB0) philosophies. He continually extols the benefits of IB0 to numerous individuals, personally committing himself to their improvement through coaching. Aaron has taught professionals and organizations how to better realize their potential by leveraging these improved email management techniques.

From career mentorship and skills assessment, to email and time management, Aaron has streamlined communication and collaboration improvements at many organizations such as universities, media companies, and consulting firms.

Aaron resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he spends most of his free time with his wife and two children, and with the remainder spent making movies, podcasting, exercising and gaming.

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