You tweetin’ at me?

So, anyone that spends more than a few days working or hanging out with me is eventually going to hear about Inbox Zero (IB0). It’s something that I talk a lot about, but this whole [massive double quote]IB0[end massive double quote] literally unlocked a ton of hidden potential (for me) so I can’t help it. Going from someone who had a lot of good intentions to someone who was able to tackle nearly any initiative thrown at him was not something that happened by accident. This transformation is the primary reason I’m so passionate about my current process and why I feel it solves so many different problems in one fell swoop.

When I say passionate what I actually mean is… I’m a little bit obsessed with it. 

Whether it’s organization, task management, scheduling, reminders, or any other number of business related tasks, you go from exerting a huge amount of mental energy on the minutia daily activity (or dealing with the never-ending barrage of emails) to automating those parts of your life and investing more time in doing the things you love.Or, as Merlin Mann initially described his process:

It’s about how to reclaim your email, your attention, and your life.

That ‘zero’, It’s not how many messages are in your inbox, it’s how much of your own brain is in that inbox, especially when you don’t want it to be. That’s it.

– Merlin Mann

Now I’ve never claimed to be an expert on anything social, so when I was pointed at a particular tweet from a user (@DerailleurAgile) who said: 

To those chasing “Inbox Zero” – y’all are aware you’re adapting your behaviours toward a piece of software, right?

or even

By being concerned with having a software interface show zero items in it. The very act of being concerned is an adapted behaviour

I felt compelled to point out how wrong … how thoroughly and deeply he misunderstood the whole POINT!!
– I’ve since been corrected that probably wasn’t the way to go.

Adapting to software? GASP!!
Concern over the quantity (instead of the location) of emails?!? SCOFF!!
Why, that’s the exact opposite of what we want to do!?

So with that quote as inspiration, lets talk a little about why IB0 doesn’t need special tools or software, why the specific set of folders I’ve been working with, and about understanding how a (very) small shift in behavior (towards a process not software, natch) can unlock your potential too:

Requires no tools or special software

Every time I’ve introduced someone to Inbox Zero I’ve opened with this fact. and I do that, because it’s true. I’ve worked in GMail, Spark, Inbox, Mailbox, Outlook, OWA, and a bajillion other IMAP clients and the best thing about my current approach is no special software required. You just:

  1. Setup some (good) folders
  2. Arm yourself with some knowledge
  3. Baseline your existing inbox
  4. Profit (or succeed)


I’ve gone on (and on, and on, and on …) about how the folders I’ve been working with are really the only ones you need due to a few main factors, one of them being just how damn good search is in nearly every client or service. With search being considered a solved problem (especially if you’re using a Google or Microsoft hosted email provider) You could technically have all your items in one folder and just look for stuff as you needed it. That might work for some, but it would completely annihilate another benefit … visibility.


Here’s a few things to think about: Not sure if you’ve got time to do one more thing today / this week? Wondering where that proposal Angie was supposed to get back to you is? Is it a good time to book some Vacation? If you can’t answer those questions within a second or two then straight up, you’re doing it wrong. Who the heck has time to worry about your own capacity planning, work load, future dated tasks, or even things other people are supposed to do for you? I definitely don’t, or at least I choose not to. By embracing IB0 I also don’t have to. I get an at-a-glace view of my tasks:

  • due today
  • due this week
  • due from other people (or due further out from me)

What more could I really want? Well ok … we can give you more, how about …


If you knew that something you were already doing 10 or more times a day could leapfrog your productivity to the next level, would you do it? Hellz yeah you would! Notice we aren’t talking about adjusting your behavior to software here, we’re talking about an existing behavior in whatever software you choose no matter the platform or client. *cough* Ok sorry.

Implementing a process-based IB0 strategy basically jacks you to in to your own internal scheduling and workflow data center connected over a hard line. It immediately integrates with your existing calendar or client and shows you a unified and straight forward view of what’s what no matter where you look at it.

Got your phone? Swipe between your folders!

Got your PC / Mac? No problem, just open your folder list in your mail client!

Working on someone else’s machine (i.e. you haven’t configured anything there)? No problem, log into your IMAP account and you’ve got the same unified view into your own workflow. Its incredibly freeing not needing to think about what’s on your plate or what you need to accomplish today / in the near future. It’s … it’s actually amazing that anyone does email any other way … isn’t it?

Alright, I’m getting off the soap box … I’ll throw a few basic mail strategies at you next time and then we’ll move on to something else.

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